CEO greeting

We will provide greater added value to our customers with technology development, strong service spirit, and continuous technology development and innovation, and we will continue to be with our customers' passion.

Taking up any challenge, we have kept growing in the industry. We believe that bringing the bright future to our mankind is our obligation. In the ceaseless efforts to achieve bigger values, we are looking for a solution to make the bright future.

By improving our technological competitiveness, keeping up the spirit to satisfy customer, and developing and innovating technologies, we will provide bigger added values for our customers, and meet customer needs.

Over the past 20 years,
Seyang has overcome numerous challenges and has turned a crisis into and opportunity to grow further.

Now, we are taking another leap to realize the farsighted corporate plan. With our passion and challenging spirit, we will continue to make changes and innovation, And will keep making an effort in becoming a future oriented company to create more values we pursue.

By investing in technologies and intergrating with promising companies, we will grow to a small but robust enterprise. And, in the 21st century, we are taking various innovation activities, such as manufacturing of Eco-friendly products and change to the business structure focusing on higher value-added and high-tech products, to create high profit. Seayang is aimed at growing as a global competitive company based on core capabilities.

We promise that all of our staff and executives in Seyang work together to leap towards one of the worlds best company in the high precision machine industry.