Global Competitive Power 10

We are creating and developing new business groups through continuous communication and collaboration, not individual growth by division.

  • S And CDiscover new growth engines through selection and concentration.
    [& +]World challenge through creative coexistence and technology.
    Development of growth engine through selection and concentration.
    Optimization of Global Network.
    Strengthened C & D (Connector & Development).
  • NETWORKCreating a cooperative network
    Prevention of 3MISS ( MISS-match, MISS-balance, MISS-reasonable ).
    Elimination of waste by factory innovation.
    Do kind to customer.
    Collaboration external technologies and ideas.
    Combine the results with internal R & D capabilities.
    Emotion beyond technology (1 X 1 = OO).
    Establish a culture of core values and code of conduct.
    Fostering talent to become the core.
  • CREATIVECreation of value through creative coexistence
    Purchasing Competitiveness = Corporate Competitiveness.
    Cost control ability.
    Cost + Secure competitiveness of suppliers.

Management goals and management strategies.

2020 year sales
100 billion, profit 10%

  • Big 1 Global network settlement cost and quality competitiveness.
  • Big 2 Human Resource Development to ensure a competitive advantage.
  • Big 3 Future new product development
  • Big 4 Mid- to long-term strategic future business structure
  • Big 5 POSITIONING strategy, intensive growth